Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming is one of the more popular games due to the fact that it makes people millionaires! The game is set in the jungle with a whole variety of jungle animals just waiting to give you mega moolah! The slot has 4 chances to win a jackpot prize during the bonus game, a free spins round and the King of the Jungle as a wild symbol. You get all this plus more in Mega Moolah jackpot slot. It has 5 reels and 3 rows to spin, with 25 bet lines to win the more you play the more chance of winning those mega millions you have. So take a trip to the jungle now.

Play Mega Moolah for real money NOW!

The animals in this slot all represent a different symbol, you have the lion who is the wild symbol, then you have giraffes, elephants, zebra, bull and deer. The slot bares a striking resemblance to Disney’s The Jungle Book with it’s wacky style of animal symbols as well as the bright colourful graphics and jungle sounds that can be heard in the background of this Microgaming slot. This is one jungle adventure you don’t want to miss as it could change your life forever in just one spin.

The intro is enough reason to play this game, it starts off in the mighty jungle with a witch doctor and the king of the jungle the lion, meeting face to face with some pretty cool jungle music in the background. The scene is set when they meet with the sun high in the sky, the witch doctor greets the lion as if he were an old friend, the lion is un-phased and takes a seat before the tiny man as if it is something normal for man and beast to sit together contemplating the world. The witch doctor who is a cross between a wise monkey and a wise man shakes some bones and other artefacts to do a little witchcraft spell and reveal the prophecy of the lions future. The bones and other stuff spell out a great future, yes you guessed it they will run into Mega Moolah!

Mega Moolah Jackpots

There are 4 Mega Moolah jackpots to be won in this millionaire making video slot. Let’s start of with the smallest and work our way up to the exciting top jackpot. The first and least jackpot prize to be won in Mega Moolah is called the mini level jackpot and is always at least 10 euros. The next up is the Minor level jackpot which is usually around 100 euros, then onto the Major which is a nice on to win at around 10,000 euros for this lovely jackpot. But the Mega jackpot and the one that can transfer you from rags to riches with just one quick spin of the reels is always a minimum of 1 million euros! The jackpot prizes in this Microgaming gem of a slot are acquired by a small percentage of each players bet for every spin being added to a pot, this is basically saying that the more you play the more Mega Moolah may pay!

The jackpot of course has four levels, it is a wheel of fortune type game that gives you four chances to win the Mega Moolah jackpot, although the higher you go the better the jackpot prize. The wheel has a lions foot print in the centre which reminds you just who is boss in this ferociously fun way to make yourself a millionaire. The great thing of this slot is that the jackpots are increasing every second, all it takes is someone somewhere to be betting on the Mega Moolah reels to get that sum of money to keep reaching sky high.

Free Spins in the jungle

Free spins in Mega Moolah are all about monkeying around, the way to get this started is to get three monkey symbols which will in turn give you 15 free spins. The music is so funky that you will find yourself bopping around to the beat of the jungle drums whilst in the meantime getting mega moolah in your casino account. The animations are just plain fun, the wild lion roars out a wild roar while the flirty deer will give you a wink when it appears on the reels. All free spin wins are tripled by three so it is the best time to make money in the jungle, since the spins don’t cost a cent all you can do is make money.

This is a super slot from Microgaming for all those who aspire to become a millionaire by doing what they love, playing video slots. This is one of the iconic jackpot slots that sets the bar high for others to follow and look up to. If you haven’t started playing this game then what are you waiting for, sign up now and get rich today.